Freshie FAQ

What is a freshie?

A car air freshener made from aroma beads, then baked into a mold, trimmed, and hand crafted with paint and/or embellishments. Freshie’s last for approximately 3-5 weeks, sometimes longer, depending on the scent strength and season/climate.

How long does it take to make a freshie?
We scent all of our own beads with a premium fragrance oil. This absorption process can take a few days, up to a week. Once the fragrance is absorbed into the beads we then bake them into a mold, allow them to cool, and finally decorate each piece. If painted, we allow the freshie to fully dry over night. We make all of our own bows from scratch. A freshie can take a few days to make start to finish if we do not have the desired scent on hand, and/or the decoration process is more intricate.

Can a freshie only be used in my car?
Freshies can be used in any small space like a closet, bathroom, or small office! We recommend the fresh, linen, or citrus scents for closet spaces. It freshens clothes fabulously. Please don’t lay the freshies down as they do contain oil and have potential to stain if not hanging properly.

Why the difference in pricing?
Our freshies are priced based on supply cost, volume of beads used, and embellishments. The larger the freshie, and the more embellishments it has, the higher the cost.