How To Make A Freshie

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Basic items that you will need to make your freshie:

  • Aroma beads: There are many size options on Amazon. I like to buy in bulk, as I make a lot of freshies. If you are looking to start out and only make a few, I would suggest buying a smaller 1, 2, or 5 pound bag. I like the aroma beads from BuyItShipIt, and they sell their beads on Amazon. I also like the brand Freshie Me This unscented aroma beads. You can buy pre-scented aroma beads as well if you don't want to take the time to cure your own beads. Check out small business owners on Etsy for scented beads
  • Fragrance oils: I love the fragrance oils from Nature's Oil. Their premium oils are Certified Organic and they have over 500 scents! Their oils are more expensive compared to other options out there. I personally like high quality fragrance oils and use those in my products. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative; there are tons of brands on Amazon.
  • Mason jars, or a glass container with a sealing lid: Amazon has a wide variety. I personally bought these jars. They are a knock off brand, and just as great, while being more affordable!
  • Mica powder: There are a variety of options for mica powders on Amazon. I have bought a few different ones and they have all been great. I think starting out with a variety pack is a great idea. I bought this mica pack with a micro scooter included. The colors are beautiful! I also personally love the neon mica powders, and they are very popular! This is the 
  • Micro scoop: There are many scoops you can purchase on Amazon. You can buy variety pack of scoops in plastic or metal. I bought the metal two pack micro scoops and they have lasted me a long time! They are reusable and great quality.
  • String to hang your freshie: I mostly use the elastic string, however, I do use the twine string for my rustic style freshies. There are many options such as colors. I like the silver elastic cord. I like to use a thinner twine so you can put your string through the freshie hole easily. This twine variety pack is   affordable with basic color options.
  • Eye hooks or roofing nails: I primarily use eye hooks. You can make your freshie and attach these after being baked, without creating a hole in the freshie and potentially taking away from the design of the freshie. For larger freshies I use 1 inch eye hooks. I mainly use my smaller eye hooks and personally bought this great little variety pack. This does add an additional cost to your freshie margin, so if you prefer to reduce cost, you can use roofing nails.
  • Silicone molds or cookie cutters: I have bought SO many molds from various different suppliers! There are a ton of design varieties here at good prices. I also have purchased molds from Etsy suppliers. The Harbour Store is a great place to start if you want to buy multiple molds at a cheap price. I encourage buying from small businesses, and there are a ton of Etsy sellers on there to choose from! If you prefer to use cookie cutters, they are the most cost effective route. Just make sure you don't use the plastic ones! Metal only. You will be baking them in the oven.
  • Baking sheet: I use a variety of sizes of non-stick baking sheets. If you already having baking sheets that are not non-stick, you can use a little bit of non-stick spray!
  • Pliers (if using roofing nails): You will need pliers to remove your roofing nails once the freshie has cooled. I bought this jewelry making plier set. However, if you just want a single pair of pliers, click here for options.
  • Durable scissors: Having a good pair of scissors is essential. I have destroyed multiple household scissors just by cutting my freshies. I use scissors to also cut the ribbon to make my bows and need a sharp pair. I like these durable scissors, as well as these angled scissors. If you want to use scissors that you already have at home, you're more than welcome to!
  • Plastic cups or bags: You will need to dye your beads. You can use plastic cups and ziplock bags to dye me beads with the mica powder. I label them with the color and reuse them. I also leave the bags open to air out the fragrance. You can also use glass jars to wash and reuse. I use funnels to pour my beads back into the jar to dye them.

Additional items to decorate your freshie:

  • Glitter: I have tons of glitter! I use various types of glitter, such as ultra fine, fine, and chunky. I recommend buying this variety pack to get started with fine and chunky glitter.
  • Beads: I recommend getting 20mm beads so you can insert your string through the beads easily.
  • Fringe: I love fringe! You can choose from various colors and lengths for your fringe. I really like Trims by the Yard 4" Fringe brand. 
  • Stones: Adding stones can really make your freshie pop. I use various types of stones for my geode freshies. My steer freshies that have turquoise, and other color stones are my most popular! I purchase various types of crushed stones for my freshies.
  • Ribbon: I have tons of ribbon! I've bought various ribbon from Amazon. I really like purchasing a 3 size ribbon pack to make my bows. If you want smaller sizes at a great price and quality, I recommend Offray ribbon. They have lots of colors and patters in various sizes. If you don't want to make your own bows, you can buy pre-made bows!
  • Puffy paint/Fabric Paint: I use puffy paint on majority of my freshies. It give the freshie a 3D effect. I purchased this color variety pack of puffy paint. I buy a 3 pack of the Tulip white puffy paint, as I use the white the most. Puffy paint does take a lot longer to dry, however, for the overall design of my freshies, I believe it is worth it!
  • Oil-based markers: These will be used to color your freshie. Depending on the size freshies you are designing; you will want a fine tip and thick tip marker. This dual tip marker set is a perfect start.
  • Sharpie markers: You can also use sharpies to color your freshies. I have this ultra fine tip variety pack and the 3 sizes of black sharpie pack.
  • Hot glue gun & glue: A glue gun is essential if you are adding bows, fringe, etc. to your freshie. A lot of the hot glue guns come with some glue sticks. Check out a few options here.
  • Card stock for cut-outs from your own design or you can purchase and download a PDF, or you can purchase pre-cut ones: I use a thick, high quality yardstick, such as this one: I like to use thick card stock around 80lb size wise. The higher the lb, the thicker the card stock. Check out some options here for this size. I create most of the designs for my freshie card stock cutouts. However, I do like to support other small businesses and have purchased quite a few designs from CattleandKidsFiles. Etsy has a ton of designers to choose from. 
  • Scent locking Bags: I use a variety of sizes for my freshies and personally like these resealable bags. They really lock in the scent of your freshie!

Let's make a freshie!

  1. First, you must soak your aroma beads in the fragrance oil. To do so, take your mason jar, and label it the fragrance, and pour approximately 16 oz of aroma beads into the jar. Then pour approximately 1 oz of fragrance oil into the beads, attach the lid, and shake vigorously. Allow the beads to sit for approximately 2-14 days. Heavier oils take longer to absorb. All fragrances are different and some require longer absorption times.
  2. Now that the beads are absorbed, we are ready to start making our freshie! Preheat the over to 350 degrees F. Choose your mold, I prefer silicone. However, you can use cookie cutters as well. Measure out your beads by pouring some into the mold and then into your plastic cup or plastic bag. We are then going to dye the beads by adding mica powder. The approximate amount is 4-6 micro scoops of mica powder per pound. So for one single freshie I would add approximately .5 of a scoop, up to 1.5 scoops, depending on how large the mold is. Shake/stir the beads to fully coat them in the mica powder.
  3. Grab your baking sheet and put your mold on the sheet, then pour the beads into the mold. *IF you are not going to use an eye hook to attache to the freshie after it has baked, you will need to place your roofing nail into the mold prior to pouring your beads in to have a hole to hang your freshie with when finished.* Disperse your beads evenly and pat them down. If you are using cookie cutters, spray the bottom of your pan lightly do ensure the beads do not stick to the pan. Depending on the size of the freshie; baking times will vary. Average baking times range anywhere from 8-15 minutes. Checking your beads about every 5 minutes until you know the proper baking times. You will know when the beads are done when you can gently touch them and they do not lift off of the sheet/out of the mold. They will be of a gummy texture and do not separate upon being poked, and stick together. Do your test in the center of the mold, as that takes the longest to bake.
  4. Allow beads to cool completely before removing from the molds. If you used the nail, take your pliers and remove the nail first. Approximately 30 minutes. Once cooled, gently remove from the mold. I like to trim the edges on my freshies. A good pair of scissors is key. I have used a few that do not withstand the trimming process. 
  5. Depending on the type of freshie you are looking to make; you will decorate it how you desire. Once done with decorating your freshie, you will add your string and you are ready to scent your car! If you are packaging the items to resell or gift, put the freshie in the packaging and label them with your logo (if applicable) and scent sticker, or write on the bag directly.

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