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The Stout Steer

Confetti Colorful Steer Freshie

Confetti Colorful Steer Freshie

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Freshie Scent Descriptions

Dimensions: Approximately 4.5" x 3.75".

Listing is for one freshie. Freshie will come as pictured, unless there are options listed. Please customize your freshie or type "as pictured". Be as detailed as possible if you are customizing your freshie. If the freshie pictured contains embellishments such as a bow, bead(s), fringe, or a tassel; please select those above under the "Embellishments" option. If you type "as pictured" for a freshie item that has any of embellishments, but do not select them, they will not be added.

Hang freshie directly from your rear-view mirror. 

For a list of scent descriptions, please select the pop-up link "Freshie Scent Descriptions” above the scent options.


Our freshie beads are made from high-quality EVA beads that are BPA-free, and premium fragrance oils, with some essential oils.

Shipping & Returns

We do not accept returns on freshie items.

Care Instructions

Hang your freshie from the rearview mirror. Freshie will come with an elastic string or a rope string. You can adjust the length of the string to best fit your vehicle. Cut the string to remove the freshie. Vent clips will attach to your vents if they are horizontal or vertical. The hanging vent clips are universal. Attach the clip to your vent and hang the freshie from the attached hook.

Your freshie will last approximately 3-5+ weeks depending on the scent. You can get used to the scent, but others will smell it. If you think the freshie no longer smells; store it in a ziplock bag for a few days, then return to your space to notice if you smell it.

Do NOT lay your freshie between your windshield and the windshield sun cover. Freshie is subject to melt at extreme temperatures starting at 165°F.

This is not food, do not consume. This is not a toy. Freshies contain oils and may stain. Do not lay flat.

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